As a Romance Travel & Wedding Specialist with Centre Holidays, based in Edmonton, Alberta, I can provide you with the expert advice and personalized service you deserve. I serve many unique customer groups by pursuing a multi-specialty travel focus.

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Romance Travel & Wedding Specialist

Oksana Mashchak

Based In

Edmonton, AB

Services Offered In


Who doesn't love a vacation? If you are like me, this is your favorite part of the year. We all look forward to it, and once there - we want to savor every minute! There is so little vacation time and so many places to discover!

I have traveled the world, and personally tried and tested many sunny destinations, romantic cities, multiple airline carriers and hotel chains. I have explored the old world and exotic destinations alike, sampling both the bargain deals and the upscale hideaways, just to experience them first hand.

I am here to help you turn your hard-earned money into treasured memories and make booking travel easy for you. I have booked destination weddings, crafted around the world honeymoon trips and adventure tours. Whether you need a quick escape, or heading to explore the Andes, I am here to assist!

Travel Now. Pay Over Time.